A very satisfying finish

Lotta peeking from behind the quilt

Taking advantage of the appearance of the sun this weekend, I took these photos of the quilt I have made for my brother’s partner, Liz.  Because we live amongst the gum trees, the light is a little dappled, but you can get the general idea.  In fact, this shot does not quite depict the true colours of the quilt, but seeing Lotta peek out from under the quilt makes me smile, so I though I would lead with it.

Ruby, Coral and Chocolate

This one represents the colours a little better.  I called it the Ruby, Coral and Chocolate Quilt – These things are all precious materials, as far as I am concerned, and I would definitely give Liz my very last piece of chocolate*, which shows the height of my esteem for her.  You can read some of the quilt details here.

The back of the quilt for Liz

I am really pleased with the pieced back, and am proud to say that I quilted the whole thing myself.  No mean feat, as it fits on a queen-sized bed.

Detail closeup of the quilt back

The blue is a lovely reproduction fabric, a soft colour that plays nicely with the other colours, and reminds me of Liz.  The brown paisley is one of my all-time-favourite fabrics, a “Three Sisters” fabric by Moda, which I have been hoarding since my trip to the USA in 2007.

I am extremely pleased to have made this (very large) quilt all by myself, including the quilting.  Special mention goes to my very kind friends at NOTYQ who helped me pin baste it on the very large table in our meeting room.

Have you completed any large projects recently?


*but only if she asked me for it, I’m not entirely altruistic.



10 thoughts on “A very satisfying finish

  1. Oh wow, great work there. Have to say, i have to match pegs too, ’tis an obsession so my husband switched me to all wooden pegs, to cure my OCD. Have to say, washing is up there with obsession, i would NEVER leave washing out overnight either, shudder. Happy quilting, love Posie

  2. Oh my … Claire, this is gorgeous! Such a lot of love and work has clearly gone into this quilt. I’m sure it will become a beloved heirloom. I’m in awe.

    … and tell Lotta she’s a little cutie – she made a good effort at stealing the show! 🙂

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