Winter School Holidays

Monopoly Board

School Holiday are always a challenge, when it come to finding any time to create, (or blog).  The kids monopolise my time, which is as it should be.  Speaking of Monopoly, that there is Rory’s real estate empire, 3 hotels on the greens, through which he bled me dry to win the game.  Over $1,000 for rent per visit is just too much.


At least I could feel good about the afternoon of knitting that accompanied the game.

We have kept pretty busy with activities like visiting the Circus, the Movies, the Optometrist, two boring specialist appointments (extra degrees of difficulty with three kids in tow to keep occupied) and several friends birthday parties.

Binding a quilt while watching the county Footy

On a visit to the country to stay with my in-laws, I managed to bind a Queen sized Quilt, while watching several hours of country footy, parked on the boundary.


This trip also featured lots of playing with cousins, (and lots of giggling after lights-out)

Buddy and Max

as well as lots of playing with cousin’s puppies.

Learning to Sew

Back in Melbourne there has been quite a bit of leaning to sew, (learning to teach too) which has been lovely.  Amelia and her “Besty” are making aprons, both featuring Watermelons on the pockets.

Now that the holidays are at a close, it is safe to say that I am looking forward to a little bit of peace and quiet, but I will miss spending all morning at home, wandering around with the kids and I all in our pyjamas.

One thought on “Winter School Holidays

  1. My boy is the Gordon Gekko of Monopoly too! And I won’t even mention Labyrinth – I have no idea if he\’s just lucky or extremely clever!! I get whooped every time I play him. I have to wait until Othello to get my revenge.

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