Red things go faster…

Red Running Shoes

A challenge and an invitation was laid down to me recently, by a friend in the computer, Emzeegee.  A few weeks ago, prompted by her, I embarked on the “Couch to 5k” running program.  You will understand my basic level of fitness if I tell you that I have had these running shoes for 11 years.  Clearly, they are not worn out.  Now that all the kids are at school, I have the freedom to put a bit of effort into my fitness.

Running top - special pocket in the back

After the first few sessions, I was getting frustrated by having to carry my keys.  A friend, who is a serious runner, mentioned that running tops often have a little pocket in the back for just that purpose.  Off I went to the outlet store where I found just the thing in red, to match my shoes, because red makes you go faster, don’t you know!

In the photo above, I grabbed the nearest thing on hand to demonstrate the clever pocket, it just happened to be the lovely necklace that my friend blog-less Debby gave me for my birthday, she sure knows my taste.

New Bangles for my birthday

Clearly, my brother and his partner also know my taste, and my penchant for red, because these are the lovely bangles they gave me.  These, however, will probably not make me any faster.

Lotta the Moodle

Sadly, my sweet doggy, Lotta, doesn’t make me any faster either, in fact the complete opposite.  She is great company for the walk to school, (like this morning in the beautiful winter sunshine) but when I am jogging, she stops and starts, and I am scared that I will accidentally land on her paw, and break it.  That was something that my Father managed to do when running with our sweet Foxy, “Silky” many years ago.  I feel really mean, but I think jogging will have to be a solitary pursuit.

Quilting in progress - red thread

Now that I have bored you with my fitness regime, on my crafting blog, I may as well go the whole hog, and mention an article that has been rolling around in my head, which is similarly not crafty at all.  It is about parenting in a way that prepares your kids for independence, (or not).  It might roll around in your head too…

while it does, look at my quilting-in-progress, with red thread!



7 thoughts on “Red things go faster…

  1. I meant to tell you Ms C that you were rocking the dress and (red) stripy sleeves yesterday – looking good! I am starting to claw back some of the fitness progress I made at the beginning of the year too… the last few *lovely* days have helped, haven’t they?!

  2. Fantastic Claire – Love the red top – one of my favourite running tops is a red “Lorna” top too and I save it for some of my faster runs! Well done on your persistance with the running!

  3. Fantastic Claire – Love the red top – one of my favourite running tops is a red Lorna top too and I save it for some of my faster runs! Well done on your persistance with the running!

  4. Good on you Claire – I too have taken up running and have been building up slowly – but am now at the point where I actually enjoy it!
    I’ll definitely be looking out for one of those shirts with the pocket now though.
    Off to look at the article you mentioned.

  5. Whoooo, lovely bangles Claire.

    And yes the red will make you go faster. It also helps to look the part, Go Lorna Jane!!

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