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Apron with Cake Applique

I recently made another Apron, which I have since sent North to Canberra, to our friend Madi.  As I am keen to release this as an individual pattern, (It was published in Homespun Vol.11 Number 10) I took some photos of Michaela for a possible pattern cover.

Apron with Cake Applique2

Gah!  What a frustrating time we both had.  I love our current home, especially it’s setting in amongst the gum trees, but at this time of year, it makes it really hard to get enough light to take a decent photo.

Madison's Chef Hat

I got lots of cute photos, but struggled to get one that shows off the aprons features, nicely enough to grace a pattern cover.  The light in our old house was excellent, as you can see from this equally cute photo of Michaela 2 years ago…

Kaitlin's Chef Hat

This was the prototype Apron, (made for our friend Kaitlin) and Michaela was only Three in this shot.

Michaela's Sweet-Treats Apron

This photo was taken a year ago, right before I posted the Apron to Sydney, for the Homespun photography.  Perhaps I need to take a leaf out of their book magazine and find someone who is happy to volunteer the use of their light and bright kitchen.

Apron with Fruit Applique

I already know that I need to find another little boy to model Rory’s apron – he has been very clear that he does not want to appear in it.  He is, however, very happy to wear his apron and hat to cook.  This is a photo I took to show Homespun the project, 2 years ago, with limited co-operation (and a pinned on pocket).  He said I could take the photo, if he didn’t have to smile – a stance he maintains to this day.

Strangely enough, I would like a happy child to model my work.

Do your children willingly model your creations for the camera?  What’s your secret?


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