Wrap Skirt

Wrap Skirt Complete

After a 6 week absence, I finally sat behind the sewing machine, and made something!

This is my new wrap skirt – made using the “Make it Perfect” pattern – “The Versatile Wrap”.  I love the fabric, but I have to say honestly that the pattern is a great disappointment.  It is very basic and shapeless – something that would not bother me much if it were a free tutorial, but bothers me a lot when I paid $16 for it.  I suspect that all the bloggers who wrote about this being a “great pattern” had not made clothing before.  Having grown up with a prolific sewer for a Mother makes me quite aware of what should be expected of even a basic garment pattern.

Low Light photo of skirt

Forgive me for this low light photo -it has been very grey here, so this is the best “self-photo” I could accomplish.

I made several modifications to the instructions, to try and give the skirt more shape and to finish it more neatly.  I added 2 darts to the back panel (4″ long 1″ wide) and 2 darts to each of the overlapping front panels (3″ long 1/2″ wide).  I also sandwiched the raw edges of both the top and bottom of the skirt, inside the waistband, and hem trim.

I probably would not have made this up at all, once I had a look at the pattern itself, had I not already purchased exactly the required amounts of fabric.

I am going to have to get a copy of Nikki’s book, next time I want to make a wrap skirt, I know that that girl can write a great pattern.

collection of lego minifigures

I thought I would share with you the little collection of characters that are behind me on the window-sill in the self portrait, (beside our front door).  The kids and I have been collecting the occasional Lego Mini-figures.  These little folks come in opaque packs, and it is luck that determines who you find inside.

Lego Minifigure - Vampire

One of my favorites is the Vampire.  The kids have arranged them in order of which series they came from – series 4 is the series in Australian stores at the moment.

Lego Minifigure Kimono Girl

Kimono girl is another favorite – there was much squeezing of packs, trying to work out which one contained her solid-block “legs”.

We are a Lego-loving family, and currently have 9 mini-figures in our collection: Zombie, Demolition Dummy, Deep Sea Diver, Vampire, Race Car Driver, Samurai Warrior, Kimono Girl, Sailor and Artist.

Do you have any at your place?


5 thoughts on “Wrap Skirt

  1. Claire, It’s great to hear that you’re back sewing again. You must be feeling like your “old-self” (partdon the old). Hope to see you at the next movie night. Barb (PS We don’t have any of those Lego figurines. Even though we are quite the Lego family – I love the lucky dip idea)

  2. Oh yes, we have plenty of mini figures here! I often think Joe is more interested in the figures that the actual lego sets, so the mini figures have been a big hit, we have several from each series (we’re on series 4 here too) and a few duplicates as well.
    Glad you’re fully recovered now but what a shame about the skirt, the fabric looks really pretty though.
    R xx

  3. Love your honesty, I would love to get my hands on nikki’ s book too, glad to see your back sewing. Have a great weekend
    , Leah x

  4. I must get Liam to send you the link where he buys his minifigs. They are unpackaged so you can pick what you want. He boughtnsome for Millie for her birthday.

    I am hoping to do some sewing soon too. xxx

  5. Oh my! Where can you buy these mini figures online? My youngest loves them!!! I\’ve never heard of buying the figures only. Lovely skirt by the way!

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