Toilet Door Craft

Toilet Door People Crafting

I have had this idea for years and years, to put quirky versions of the toilet-door-people on our toilet door.  I have just never gotten around to it.  A year or two ago I first saw mention of using starch as a temporary (and completely removable) glue, and thought that might be the best way to do it.

I finally had a go at it last week.

Starch glue fail

Sadly, this qualifies as one of my failures.

The people looked great as they were drying, but once they were dry, they started to peel off the door.  I think the problem is that the door is very glossy – I think it would probably work really well on a section of wall, where there would be more grip.

I will have to find another way to get these guys on my door.  Have you ever tried sticking anything to your wall with starch?

3 thoughts on “Toilet Door Craft

  1. Hi Claire…what a cute idea! I had the thought that you could get 2 plain white tiles (standard bathroom decor 😉 and adhere the fabric to them with Mod Podge or some similar adhesive and then mount the tiles to your door. Glue sawtooth hangers to the backs of tiles with heavy duty glue, and Scotch brand makes great little plastic hooks that can be attached with a removable tape so as not to put holes in, or muck up your door…….

  2. I have never used starch, but I have used a spray adheasive for putting batting with the quilt top. This works good with temp. holding until you peel it apart. You might try this. Love the man and woman on the door. I am going to try this for my sis(all female house). ☺

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