Taking things quietly…

2 x rib knitting - arm warmers

I have been continuing to take things very quietly, and am getting better every day, all of which makes for a very boring school holidays for the kids.  Currently, I have outsourced Rory’s care (he is playing at a friend’s for the day) and Amelia has her “besty” over to play.  The three girls are playing some kind of spy game, involving multiple disguises.  A bit of boredom never hurt anybody.

Today I actually finished making the arm warmers you see in the picture above.  I have not felt up to any machine sewing, and do not have any hand sewing prepped, so knitting has been the perfect quiet occupation.

Knitting moss stitch

Initially I started knitting them up using moss stitch, but settled on the 2 x 2 rib, because I thought it suited the yarn better, and would be more snug.  The yarn is “Yoshie” in colour 03, which is a blend of 80% Wool and 20% Acrylic.  They are simple rectangles, sewn together along the side, leaving a gap for the thumb.  Today was too grey to take a picture, Autumn is well and truly here.

Cut squares for a quilt

Before I ended up in hospital, I cut out these squares, for a large quilt I have planned for a very special person.  This person wears a lot of black, but I always associate her with Ruby, so the squares range from Ruby, Garnet and Coral through to Chocolate – Chocolate is precious right.

Tag along , half bike attached to an adult bike

Another purchase from before the surgery was a tag-along half bike, which will allow us to ride as a family (thanks ebay – it was an affordable option).  This will keep us together, because Michaela’s little legs don’t allow her to keep up on her little bike.  Luke and the kids went for two rides last weekend, and everyone had a lovely time.

Crazy Hair Day 2011

Lastly, this was the last day of term one at school – Crazy Hair Day.  Mum was good enough to go out and source the hairspray, and I got up from my sick-bed to play hairdresser.  Everyone was happy with the outcome.

Oh, and here is a question to throw out there to Internet-land.  Since my surgery and antibiotics, my taste has gone haywire.  All sweet things, particularly, taste yuk.  Has this happened to you?  How long did it last?  It has been 19 days since my operation, and 12 days since I finished my antibiotics, and I miss the pleasure of a cup of tea, or a piece of dark chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Taking things quietly…

  1. Oh claire, hope your feeling back to your normal self soon! How bizarre to have lost your sweet taste, just in time for easter too! Hope you get it back soon.
    Take care of your self and get well
    Leah x

  2. Claire I just caught up with your blog after quite a gap. I’m so sorry to hear about your hospitalization but glad you are trying to look after yourself. I remember when Shan had his appendix out. It was almost ruptured I think. BTW I still have some cot blankets of yours which were accidently overlooked when we returned the others. I’ll try to get them to you soon.

  3. Claire, can’t say I remember that happening to me at all. It’s probably just a temporary glitch. Great to hear you blogging again – that’s a great sign. Keep your chin up girl, it sounds like your recovering well (it’s very slow I can guarantee it).

    Love Barb (I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing you this Friday?)

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