Simmering along

Star Quilting

I seem to have a lot on the go at the moment, lots of pots simmering, but nothing ready cooked.

I am quilting another Fairy Tale Star Quilt, this time made by my Mother.  When I finished the first one, I still had lots of fabric left, so I passed them, and my hastily-scribbled-up pattern on to Mum, who has remade it with a few more fabrics, and an extra border.

Curly scroll quilting

Together we are making this for my cousin’s new baby girl in the USA.  I am really happy with the curly-scroll quilting around the edges of the pieced stars.

Teacher Thank You

I have also been making another “Teacher Thank You”, prepping it for stitching.  I know it is a funny time to start one of these, being the very start of the academic year, but this time I am making it up again to write up the pattern.  Each time I have made it, I have tweaked it further, and this time I am writing down all the colours I am using, both for the pencils and for the embroidery floss.  This time I hope to make it with plenty of time to photograph it for a pattern cover!

Monster Chef Pattern Writing

Monster Chef is another project on the boil.  I have written a first draft of the pattern, and have purchased some more fabrics to make up some more monster friends.  I still have to draw up some diagrams, and I will make copious notes on the draft as I make more of these guys, but I hope to have the pattern ready for some volunteer testers soon.

Speaking of making creatures – check out the fabulous “Elements of Soft Toy Design” over at While She NapsNumber 13 in the series has blown my mind!

What have you got simmering along?

One thought on “Simmering along

  1. Hey,
    I like your chefs and would volunteer to test your pattern, if you still need testers. I made your Star fruit cushions (and sent you a mail with pictures). I keep following your blog but I haven’t commented before, I guess I was too shy. 😉
    I like the colors you chose for your Fairy tale star quilt. The Quiliting is really really great, I would love to be able to do that, but I have never tried free motion quilting before. I usually just quilt in the ditch.

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