Cartoonification and Cloning

I have been so busy that I seem to have disappeared from the “interweb” without meaning too.  With so many end-of-year events to plan for, attend, and ferry to and from, I am feeling like I need to clone myself – just like the clones of my Christmas Angels pictured above.  These ones are being made for the Preschool teachers.

This is what I am making for the school teachers – an embroidery that goes in a frame.  Amelia is stitching herself, (she is the one with the headband – she always wears one) and then it is finished.  This was my original design, from last year, which we started stitching much earlier in the year.

For the one for Rory’s teacher, I have redesigned the faces of my kids, making them more cartoon-like, to fit in better with the other children on the stitchery.  It also gave me an opportunity to add glasses, which they now both wear full time.

Here is Rory.  I will show you a picture of the completed version 2 once it is in the frame.

I have almost finished the wonky star quilt top, but it has been so overcast and rainy that I will wait to photograph it, once complete.  I am pretty tired of the humid weather caused by the rain – but not the rain itself.  After over 10 years of drought, the rain is so welcome, and makes me so happy – Melbourne’s water storages are actually over 50% for the first time in many years.  It is so novel and wonderful to look around and see so much of the bright green of new foliage.

Are you making anything for your child’s teacher(s)?

One thought on “Cartoonification and Cloning

  1. Claire, I just love the caricatures of your children – their teachers will be so chuffed to receive them – who wouldn’t? Alas by the time they get to secondary school you lose touch and it’s not altogether cool to give presents (at least that’s what my guys tell me).

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