Alison’s Quilt

Well I am down to 1.5m left of binding to sew down – that counts as blog finished to me.  It was actually pretty tricky to photograph this quilt – it is huge.  The finished size is 84″ x 112″.

It fits on a Queen sized bed with the sides almost touching the floor.  It is a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt, which Mum and I made, starting with 12 nine patches, made with 108 x 10″ squares.  More details below.

Mum and I had lots of fun choosing fabrics for the quilt – it features many fabrics that we could image her wearing – lots of batiks and tie-dye fabrics.  Unfortunately we could not find any frog fabric that was suitable (Alison is mad about frogs), which is why I made my own frog for the label.

Anita has quilted it beautifully with a “splash” pattern, which complements the quilt perfectly.  She had just the right kind of variegated cotton to use, made up of blues, aquas and purples.

Additional Details

  • There are lots of tutorials on how to make this block.
  • Our starting squares were 10″ big.
  • We started with 30cms cuts, of 27 different fabrics, which each yielded 4 x 10″ squares.
  • This meant we started with 108 squares
  • which makes 12 lots of Nine patches.
  • We made sure our centre squares were dark, (these get cut into four little squares).
  • We positioned our large scale prints in the outer corners of the Nine patches, because these don’t get cut at all.
  • Once these 12 Nine patches are cut, they yield 48 blocks.
  • We reassembled these blocks as 6 blocks x 8 blocks so the quilt measured 84″ x 112″ (2.13m x 2.84m)
  • We needed 3.1m (3.4 yards) of the double wide backing, to back the quilt; and 90cm (1 yard) of normal width fabric for the binding (I made binding cut from 3″ widths, rather than the traditional 2.5″)

Apart from being the largest quilt I have made, it is also one of the easiest, why don’t you try making one?

9 thoughts on “Alison’s Quilt

  1. What a fantastic quilt. I am in the process of selecting my fabric to make one. I found the picture of your quilt while browsing the internet, and I got some good ideas from your quilt. I wasn’t planning to put any lighter shades in it, but I really like the way yours turned out!!! Awesome colors!!!!
    Also, you also have a really neat plaid fabric on your website….I really like it too…do you know the name of the manufacture? Thanks for your site…it’s great!

  2. I love the quilt, it’s beautiful! I’m confused by the block size. Are you saying that each square in the nine-patch is 10″ or is the finished block 10″? If the finished block is 10″ then how big is each square cut? I’m seeing where the common size of a nine-patch block is 6 or 9 inches.

  3. You mention 27 different fabric,could you tell me yardage. This will be my first quilt, you also mention 4 by 10 inch squares.that confused me.i have been searching for larger block ideas.most are nine smaller blocks. Could you explain if it’s not 9 square or can I do 9 with the larger blocks thanks lori

    • Hi Lori,
      I had 30cm cuts of each of the 27 fabrics. This equates to 12″ cuts (1/3 yard) of 27 different fabrics.
      From each different fabric you then cut four 10″ squares.
      Use these 10″ squares to make 12 separate 9-patch groupings. Follow a disappearing nine patch tutorial for the rest.

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