An era is ending

This morning I was woken at 6:20am.

It was not the alarm clock, nor the garbage truck, nor a barking dog.  It was a little voice…..”Mummy, the button came off”.

Michaela was up, and dressed in her full school uniform, ready for the school orientation program, almost three hours early.

She was very keen on wearing her uniform, even though it was not expected, and despite me pointing out there there would probably be only one or two kids wearing it.  She looked adorable.  The friends of my older children were very taken with how adorable she looked as she walked into school, to a chorus of “look, it’s Michaela, doesn’t she look cute”.

The reality of having all my children at school is really starting to sink in.  As excited as I am, (and make no mistake, I am excited) I am also a bit emotional.  This year will be the final of 10 years at home with pre-school aged kids, an era will be over.

I am not worried at all about what I will do with myself – that has never been my problem. I am just letting the reality of a different kind of day-to-day existence seep in.

Have you got anyone starting school next year?

6 thoughts on “An era is ending

  1. My one and only… my BABY…. has begun orientation for school already. I get teary any time I tell anyone. It’s a big letting go…… sending her off into the world.

  2. i wish mine still got up and dressed without having to be asked LOL. she looks great, hope she enjoyed her orientation day. I was whooping for joy when number 2 went to school hehehehheh.
    it is a long time to have little bodies at home and then… bliss. you will be fine once you get over the shock 🙂

  3. Oh Claire, what a wonderful (and emotional) time. I completely understand the double feelings. I have one child starting junior high and the other starting high school next year…I am already starting to process it and it is very strange…

  4. How exciting and heart rending at the same time! My littley went to school for Prep this year but is now preparing to join the “real school kids” in Grade One next year! It’s been said time and time again but I will say it again – it’s amazing how fast they grow.

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