Mr. Monster Chef and the Wall of Malm

Mr. Monster Chef loves cooking in the great outdoors, in fact, he is a pretty outdoorsy kind of monster. When he is not cooking up gourmet Monster dishes, he loves camping, fishing and most of all, driving (as you can see by his choice of apron motif).

He even manages to entice Ms. Monster Chef outside occasionally, to join him in a rustic cook-fest.

I still have not managed to find out either Mr. or Ms. Monster Chef’s names, they just get so wrapped up in their cooking that they don’t talk much to me.

Here are the guesses we have made so far…Monty, Harvey, Hudson, Marvin or Morton, and Millie, Matilda, Marsha, Maddie, Petunia or Melly.  Which two names do you think are the most likely?

Meanwhile, sticking with the MMMMM alliteration,…….behold our new “Wall of Malm”!

We have been busy assembling IKEA furniture after a weekend visit in which the store was the busiest I have ever seen it.  Amazingly, they had everything we were after, in stock, and there was only about an hour wait to get it from the warehouse and get a spot on the loading dock to put it in the car.  At last count, IKEA products that the Family room contains include: a wall of Billy bookcases, a Lack sofa table, 2 Malm chests of 6 drawers and soon a new tabletop on our “lego table” all in Birch – we must be practically Swedish.  If only we could find a way to use the trusty allen (hex) key, to close up theat pesky gap between the two Malm units – it is driving Luke and I crazy!

5 thoughts on “Mr. Monster Chef and the Wall of Malm

  1. Love your Mr. Monster Chef…too cute.

    We are huge IKEA fans too..I can\’t think of a room that hasn\’t been touch! In fact we are just waiting for a Ikea Kitchen. Hope it is as good as the furniture!

  2. I like Harvey and Petunia myself. They are all great names though.
    The hubby and I have a few IKEA pieces – I think they drive everyone crazy when trying to put them together. They are great until you want to move it!

  3. I feel compelled to add a suggestion that is not on the list – Stanley. But not so sure about the lady. Maybe Stanley and Stella?

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