Here is my Handle, and Here is my Spout

Well I have finished my teapot, and I am really pleased with these colours – they make me so happy.  On Friday, I worked a little on this, while I was Multitasking again – this time Michaela and I were doing jigsaw puzzles on my cutting table.

Also making me happy are some recent music acquisitions.  I won a copy of Mark Sholtez’s album “The Distance Between Two Truths” after listening and writing a review online here.  Listening to him makes me feel the same way as I do when I listen to Norah Jones – relaxed and uplifted.

I have also bought “Anchor” by Mindy Gledhill after reading Sandi Henderson’s rave review on her Portabellopixie blog.  Sandi has a Mixpod music gadget on her site, where you can listen to quite a few tracks (from her post, it is clearly something she has permission for).  I listened a few times through, and then purchased the album from itunes.  I love it – So happy and quirky.  Being able to listen to an album sure makes a difference between me purchasing or not.  I am usually more likely to spend spare money on a book than some music, (I rarely buy either) but music does make me so happy.  I always listen when I sew.

These purple butterflies are fused from Michaela’s choice of fabrics, for her party cushion.  I am almost through free motion stitching around all the other cushions, but hers is still to go.  They are the same butterflies that are going to go on the “Tea in the Garden” Applique, but I am yet to chose which colours to make them in (and they will be needle-turned, not fused).

Michaela repeated the purple theme on Saturday with her costume for a Witches and Wizards birthday party she attended.  The emphasis was more on pretty than scary – that’s for sure.  It thrilled her to bits to dress up in the cloak I made for her big sister about 5 years ago.

What’s making you happy at the moment – music, a colour, a book or something else?

5 thoughts on “Here is my Handle, and Here is my Spout

  1. Claire, your mention of music reminded me that I have loaded my Enya CD’s onto My Music on my computer. So now I am listening to her CD of A Day Without Rain while I’m typing this up. I have all the CD’s I own of hers in my car and they have been travelling with me everywhere for the past few weeks. I do not get sick of her music at all – and I find it so relaxing.

    PS What a gorgeous witch! Shades of Glinda from the Wizard of Oz? How could she be anything else but a good witch?
    PPS Oh, and that teapot – I just love it!!

  2. Hi Claire,
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful work …

    I just realised that since ‘Sew It Together’ I’ve been meaning to send you a couple of links – not sure if you’ve seen them already…

    I really love the blog Kris’ Color Stripes: – she picks out beautiful collections of colour from the world around her.

    Also, I think I mentioned to you this fabulous set of colour pencils, which you can have delivered to your home in packs of 25 over several months (drool!) –

    I’ll pick a winner for the Becky Goldsmith giveaway this weekend and be in touch if your name comes out on top. Fingers crossed!

    x J

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