Party Cushions

I have been diligently stitching around the applique shapes, on the cushion fronts that the kids designed at Amelia’s party.  Hers is the cushion on the right.

The kids chose the fonts, and the applique motifs (from a choice of several of mine) and then carefully selected fabrics from my stash.

I ironed the fusible web (vlisofix) onto the back of the chosen fabrics, and the kids trimmed the shapes, and placed them where they wanted them.

Michaela’s cushion is on the right (above) – she just chose the butterflies, and all the purple fabrics – she does not quite have the dexterity for the sharp scissors yet.

Rory’s cushion is on the right.  “B” is clearly a minimalist – she only wanted her initial.  I thought they all did a good job – and I think they all enjoyed it.  So once I finish sewing down the shapes, I just have to whip up 6 cushions.

Would you consider letting kids loose on your stash?

5 thoughts on “Party Cushions

  1. Claire, They look just beautiful – and aren’t you wonderful for putting in so much time and effort. Have been known to let kids loose on my collection of papers from time-to-time. They just love it. Barb

  2. love this idea for when my girls are older – though I’m hoping to get Ruth to place the flowers on her library bag tomorrow. are you doing raw edge applique by machine, and if so how often do you go around the edge?
    cheers jennifer

  3. They all look amazing. I love Rorey’s to match his quilt?! Dont envey you sewing them all up. I just finished a cushion for a birthday present, and am starting one for each of my kids…its a bit of fun.

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