Hoop Faces

Today I have been preparing for an important event.  My first baby is turning 10 on Sunday, and celebrating with a sewing party.  I am going to teach the three guests how to back-stitch, and the six kids are going to make these little “hoop faces” I have designed.  They were inspired by these beautiful faces.  The hoops are 4 inches wide.  The finished stitcheries are designed to be displayed in the little hoops when they are finished, (the outside circles are not stitched – they represent the hoops.

I am frantically getting ready, because I have spent the whole week ministering to sick kids, as both Rory and Michaela have had the flu.  I am pretty nervous that Amelia is going to catch it, just in time for her birthday.  Tonight she is off with her best friend’s family to see “Mary Poppins” on stage – the lucky duck.

I am going to be sitting at home tracing off vlisofix initials, for the cushions the kids are also going to design.  They have all chosen a font at school (via a print-out I sent along) and a motif for the appliques to go around it.  On Sunday they will pick which fabrics they would like, cut and place everything on a cushion front.  I will raw edge applique them and give them a finished cushion, some time after the event.  Tonight I am hoping to get my first good night’s sleep of the week.  Apologies if I have not replied to your comments on the past couple of posts – I have been busy holding buckets and providing honey and lemon drinks.

Anyone else out there had a sewing party?  What’s the most successful kids party you have had?

6 thoughts on “Hoop Faces

  1. These are great ideas for a party Claire, I remember seeing Kelly of “Don’t Look Now” did a kids party where all the kids were given aprons (I think) or PJ’s?? She had made them all – great idea to have the kids go home with something permanenet rather than a lolly bag that will be gone in ten minutes.
    Hope you all have a fun time.

  2. Okay, well, this did it. For the first time in his life I kind of wish he’d been a girl so I could have a sewing party! Maybe for my own birthday next year…

  3. Claire, the faces are well done you are so creative. I had a look at the inspirations for them and you have far outstripped the originals. Are they sewing on calico or printed fabric? Hope you can post a pic of them after they are done.

  4. You are my number one “Mother-of-the-Year” Claire. Our most successful birthday party was one full of the old fashioned games.
    Pass the Parcel, which also had an element of Truth or Dare attached to it.
    Pass the oranges from neck to neck.
    Races to wrap someone up as a mummy.
    A blindfold game where they had to choose what they were “feeling” from a “dead body”.
    And a few more games that I can’t remember right now.
    All the time the games and party were running, there was taboo word, “like”, that could not be said – otherwise you lost a peg.

    So much fun to make and play these games.

    Hope the day goes well for everyone, especially the birthday girl.

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