An Awesomesauce Birthday

I have a lovely friend Danya, whose family has had a very rough year.  Today she is having a significant birthday, so I popped in to surprise her with a little gift.  Every second thing I have made lately is a scarf, so I thought I would play to my strengths, and make her a bespoke one of her own.  Especially as she has just boldly chopped of all her locks, (a look she is rocking) which I thought might make her neck a tad bit cold.

I am rather pleased with how well the scarf looks on her, especially as I have been mildly obsessed with Plum, a colour that does not really suit me.  It suits Danya just fine, especially with her recently revealed silver hair – Lovely.

Danya has many online friends who are familiar with the way she manipulates the English Language and creates a unique written “voice” of her own.  Awesomesauce is one of her words, which I would not even attempt in person, as it doesn’t roll off my tongue very convincingly.  I thought I would get away with it online though – have an Awesomesauce Birthday Danya – you deserve it.

5 thoughts on “An Awesomesauce Birthday

  1. Claire,

    There is an entire uncyclopedia dedicated to such words. One of my favourite being chipolatta = chips with milky coffee.

    My son, Tom, used to dip his french fries into his “warm” hot chocolate when he was little at our local cafe.


  2. I think next time I am required to spontaneously model I should at least attempt to flatten the hair!

    Thanks for today love xxx

  3. Danya looks so beautiful – what a splendiferous scarf (word made up by son about 25 years ago!) a lovely look with a happy smile & hair def is still awesomesauce. Xx

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