Go-Fish Multitasking.

After pre-washing all my fat quarters, yesterday I prepared them for cutting, by adding a new step.  I decided to lightly starch each piece, in the hopes that this will help the accuracy of my pieced star blocks.  I have done lots and lots of Maths, while designing this quilt (My Tea in the Garden Quilt) and have worked out all the cuts and fabric requirements.  All that was left was to actually start cutting.

This is where my multitasking genius comes in.  I managed to play about an hours worth of Go Fish, with Miss Michaela, while cutting.  She was perched on a stool at the end of the cutting table.

Now I would not normally recommend this type of multitasking, but because my maths had all been done, and I had actually drawn out all the cuts per fat quarter (with colour diagrams representing each different piece of fabric) I didn’t have to concentrate quite as hard.  I was able to keep us both happy at the same time. Win-Win.

And then my clever girl arranged an Elephant with the scraps.

Do you wield sharp objects with your small people close at hand, or do you think I’m crazy?

6 thoughts on “Go-Fish Multitasking.

  1. With my eldest two I would without a doubt use whatever dangerous object I want to use. They are carefull enough, and have been all their lifes. But the youngest one, oh my. I didn’t expect him to be so utterly different from the other two. He’s so funny, so naughty and so adventurous. I really shouldn’t let him into my sewing atelier, because if there is something to find that is dangerous, he will find it. He has a nose for it! 🙂

    Go Fish. I remember I played that once when I was little. I should try again some day. I bet my little ones would love it too!

  2. looking forward to seeing this quilt come together claire…. are you going to sew this at retreat??

    My girls learnt at a young age not to touch my sewing things, I dont have a sewing room so had to put the rotary cutter away everytime I finished using it. I would say knowing you that you wouldnt be waving your rotary cutter around willy nilly 🙂

  3. Sound like you have your girl trained not to wave her hands around. I carefully used sharp cutters with my girls but chose where and when. Now Margaret wants to setup my old macine in her room (she is doing textiles this year)! I finished a pencil case for her yesterday.

  4. Just yesterday I successfully played “army guys shooting” with my 3 year old, while free motion quilting a ticker tape mini quilt. He was happy; I was happy.

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