2.6 time’s a charm

I may have knitted this scarf 2.6 times.  That is to say, I have knitted, unraveled, knitted, unraveled, knitted, until finally I am happy.

Yes it is skinny, but that means you can actually see all the colours in the scarf.  The re-knitting has also allowed me to cut the knots (one half way through each of the two purchased balls of noro) and re-knit each of the 4 sections in a better order, to facilitate a smoother progression of colours – fussy aren’t I (bit wordy too).  The only sudden colour change now happens behind my neck (coral pink to dark green) where I don’t have to look at it.

Taking a photo of yourself is quite tricky isn’t it- especially without a tripod and timer.  I quite like this one, but of course, it doesn’t show all the colours in the scarf.  It does show one of my favorites though – that periwinkle blue colour that actually got hidden in the wider, shorter scarf I knitted up first (and second).

In the interests of truthful reporting – this is what it was like, taking the photos.  That’s Michaela, standing on the toilet, trying to sneak into shot, and directing my efforts.  She is not really interested in staying in the background.

Speaking of backgrounds, I’ve painted one.  There is quite a few layers to go, but so far it has been fun.

Done and unraveling lately?

9 thoughts on “2.6 time’s a charm

  1. Snap! Knitting/reknitting and mirror shots over at my place too 🙂 I went for the obscured face approach.

    I just love the colours in your scarf.

  2. I recently knitted a jumper and there were 6 (yes, SIX!) knots in the first ball. I was very unimpressed. I highly recommend Bendigo Wool as not having any knots (they splice the ends together if there are joins); although the colours are certainly not as dramatic as the Noro! Well done on finishing your scarf despite the many challenges. It looks beautiful.

  3. I crocheted a pair of fingerless gloves for my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s 30th birthday last week (gosh! sounds complicated!) – then I sewed a couple of (pretty basic) costumes for Joe and I to wear to her party! Hooray for school holidays 🙂
    My mum put in an order for a pair of gloves, too, so I’ll try to get those done for her birthday in mid-August! Then I can get stuck back into the ripple scarf I started a couple of months ago!

    I like the skinniness of your scarf 🙂 It looks like you could also put it on backwards, cross it behind your neck and dangle the two ‘arms’ down your front and still have it at a good length.

  4. The colours in that scarf are just divine. And I’ve just come across knots in the middle of a ball of yarn I am crocheting into a granny square blanket. How frustrating!

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