Knitting at a Sewing Event

OK, the yarn made me do it.  It tied me up in it’s loveliness.  It seduced me with the spectrum of “me” colours.  It blinded me so much that I barely noticed the price per ball.

I was that gauche woman in the corner (yes I was actually in the corner) at the Dayleford Craft Experience, who was knitting when everyone else (and I do mean everyone else) was sewing!  The crazy thing is that I am not really a knitter – I’m an occasional scarf-only lady.  I visited Purl Palace the night before, and I got the wanties, aaaaannnnd there was champagne on offer.  It tipped me over the edge, and I found myself the owner of some sparkly needles (number 7’s) and divine Noro Yarn.  Silk Garden Chunky, in colour 6, for those that are interested.  45% silk, 45% kid mohair and 10% lambs wool.

Luckily Melly knows me – so she was not offended.  Jodie and I had met before, so she excused me, and all my sewing NOTYQ Guild friends were too happy to care.  I just hope Anette didn’t take it the wrong way.  All the designer’s things were super lovely, but I was just enchanted by the yarn.  In my defense, I did buy it from Zoe – one of the organisers, and Merrilyn seemed to friendly to be cross.  Everyone at out table agreed – it was the best organsied sewing day out, and the venue was wonderful, food=yummy and lighting=perfect – topped off by fantastic, massive smarties on every table.

I did end up buying just a little pile (or two) of fabrics on Saturday, as we visited 5 patchwork shops in the region (two in Gisborne, One in Kynton and two in Daylesford).  The two purple fabrics above are old favourites that I bought last year, and have since used up.

This floral (above) is another old favorite I have just used up.  When I bought it last year, I was tempted to buy enough to make a skirt – so this year I did.  It is going to have chocolate brown trim.

I found some more fabrics that tone in with the Amy Butler floral, that will be going in my quilt.

Tomorrow I will show you the test blocks I sewed up, that I am hoping to use in my design.  Have you let loose with any fabric, or yarn purchases lately, like me?

3 thoughts on “Knitting at a Sewing Event

  1. Noro Silk Garden is pretty special, isn’t it? I plan to raid my mum’s stash of it one day while her back is turned 😉

    I’ve done a touch of wool buying recently while we were away. I keep promising myself not to build up a yarn stash (too much craft stuff of every other variety already), but it keeps sneaking in and piling up anyway. Sigh.

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