The Jaffa Scarf

I have this theory that certain colours and textures make fantastic partners.  The right texture makes a colour, that might be ordinary in another texture, sing and dance.  This red/orange (that us antipodeans know well as Jaffa red) looks fanatically deep and sumptuous in velvet – a match made in heaven.  I digress, but another wonderful texture/colour combination is jacaranda purple in translucent, sand-blasted glass or plastic.

I bought 30cm of this velvet (in this case 100% cotton) recently at The Fabric Store in Fitzroy, after a visit to the nearby hospital where my brother has been.  Mum and I kept taking ourselves there to cheer ourselves up when things were looking very grim.  What is more cheering than a piece of beautiful (and reasonable priced) velvet?  This colour is perfect for the middle of winter, especially as we just passed the shortest day of the year.   BTW, I digress again, but in this post you can see my other pair of new glasses, which are dark metallic green.  Now back to the point…….

It is kind of hard to tell, (thanks to my shaky self-photography) but I made up this scarf by backing it with a piece of deep chocolate coloured suiting which has a subtle sheen.  Jaffa Red on the outside, chocolate on the inside, can you see why I am calling it the Jaffa scarf?

I bagged the two layers together, which sounds easy, but was extremely frustrating.   I should probably have looked up some tips on sewing with velvet (no doubt there would be some in one of Mum’s “Threads” magazines).  It kept sliding out of place, in relation to the other fabric, which I am sure was caused by the pile.  It is so worth all the trouble though.

It is actually unfinished.  The end, that I turned it out through, is still open.  I have not decided how I am going to close it, but I am thinking that I may stitch a running stitch around the whole thing in chocolate floss.  Stay tuned folks.

Mother and Child

On to another topic.  Recently I was lucky enough to attend a preview screening of the new movie “Mother and Child“.  It is a fantastic, nuanced movie.  One for real grown-ups, because it is thought provoking and even though the characters are not necessarily that likable, they have an authenticity about them, and are superbly acted.  The ticket giveaway was run by the excellent website Mamamia, and if you click here, you can see a short for the film.  You can also see that I am a teeny tiny bit “famous” (in my dreams) because my friend Danya and I met Mia, who mentions us in her post.  Actually the “fame” really belongs to Danya, who has a very particular turn of phrase, and has had a very hard year.  She comments regularly on the MamaMia website and is very well known and loved there.  You can read her story here.

So, if you get a chance to see “Mother and Child”, take it.  Perhaps you have seen it already – did you like it?

Also, what do you think of my theory – do you know of any outstanding colour/texture partnerships?

2 thoughts on “The Jaffa Scarf

  1. LOVE the scarf babe. I could crap on endlessly on textures and colours. There is a particular shade of lemon that is wondeful in seersucker. Some combos though make me ill.

    We must catch up soon. Am having a bit of a shocker week. Liv has broken her foot and our car has conked out. It never rains but pours eh?

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