June is all about Cake

We have three birthdays in our house, within 12 days in June.  Mr Matching Pegs (Luke), Rory and finally my birthday (which technically I share).  That’s why things have been a little bit quiet on the blog front.

There was a certain amount of switching celebrations around, to fit in around the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.  This meant that Rory celebrated his birthday yesterday, with 6 of his friends over for a “Masterchef” birthday party.

The boys made 2 mini pizzas each (with dough prepared beforehand).  They shaped their bases, and topped them with their favorite toppings.  After pizza, they moved onto decorating biscuits as footballs, and then in their football team colours.  There was probably too much colouring involved – 8 year old boys do not need extra hyping up – but they had a great time.

Luke outdid himself, making “The Ghostly Galleon” from the much loved “Women’s Weekly Kids’ Birthday Cakes” cookbook for the party.  We put the candles in, on an angle, in order to keep the flames away from the paper sails, but we thought they also looked like cannons.

On Rory’s actual birthday, Luke made “Zappo the Alien” from the same book, which the kids decorated themselves.

The most meaningful cake experience for me involved a very humble, store bought cake, last Friday.

I was able to blow out the candles with my twin brother Julian, who has spent exactly a year in hospital, and has just been discharged.  The last year has been very, very, hard.  My family is feeling like we are emerging, tentatively, from the depths of a very dark tunnel.  We are all very changed by the experience, but so amazingly grateful that we are coming out the other side.  It was really the best birthday present possible, to be able to share it with Julian, (which is as it should be, when you are a twin).  The photo of us is less than flattering, being an action shot of us blowing out the candles, but it amuses me that Lotta, who is on Julian’s lap, looks like she is blowing out the candles too.  Oh, and you can see my new red glasses!

My birthday present from Luke arrived this morning, some Lilac Ugg Boots to warm up my tootsie this winter.  As you can see out the window, it is cold and grey, and foggy.  They match the cake at the start of the post, which is a little something I am working on for someone else’s birthday.

So, have you made any amazing cakes lately?

9 thoughts on “June is all about Cake

  1. Hi Claire, What a great idea for a kid’s party. Austin and Nelson both love Masterchef. Maybe when they both celebrate their birthdays in October we could do that. Hugs, Christine

  2. Happy birthday to you and your Brother! I hope the rest of this year involves your family turning the corner and seeing much deserved happier days ahead.
    Love the glasses. I picked mine up a few days later.
    Great cakes….wow.

  3. Claire, I have watery eyes reading about you and Julian. You really must just feel like a great weight has literally lifted from your shoulders. Barbara (PS I love the action shot of blowing out the candles.)

  4. What a lovely post! Love cake, love homemade cake, love birthday cake, love happy birthday celebrations – so glad you can breathe once more. I can sense how special it has been for you.

  5. Claire,

    I agree with the others – the action shot is fabulous as it shows you two together, celebrating … what more could a good photo need?

    I did laugh when you asked if any of us had baked any good cakes lately… 🙂 You can tell Luke that if the whole job thing doesn’t work out, he can come and play with cakes at my place. My own version of the Ghostly Galleon isn’t nearly as neat and tidy as that one!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to ALL of the birthday kids in your family!


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