Sequined Hi-Tops and ABBA

Lots has been going on in my world that hasn’t made it onto the blog.  Some good and then some of the other kind.  Rather than bang on about my dramas, I thought I would cheer us all up, with a look at some sequined high-top sneakers – because what could be cuter or happier (don’t tell me they are not practical – I don’t care, they ooze happiness).

In fact, check out Amelia’s whole look, which I wish I could still pull off.  Sadly, what is cute on an almost-10-year-old is probably a little bit “mutton” on a mid-30’s-type.  Mutton or not, I would probably buy those shoes if I saw them in my size, but instead I will have to live vicariously through my daughter – because that is a healthy way to deal with life, no?

Speaking of reliving my youth (we were), Amelia is in the choir at school, which is performing this weekend in an ABBA concert with an ABBA tribute band.  The event re-inacts ABBA’s last concert, which involved Swedish school children.  We have been listening to nothing but ABBA “Gold”, all week.  Did you know that Australia had a play list, on that album, that was different to everywhere else until 2008?  We had “Ring Ring”, “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” and “Rock Me” rather than “Super Trouper”, “I Have a Dream” and “Thank You For the Music”.  I know because I had to be careful which one I downloaded from iTunes – we needed “I Have a Dream”.

Some of my recent crafting has been for presents – here are a pair of the pin-cushion sized biscornu that I made for a friend.  I have just acquired some upholstery weight fabric to try making these up in a footstool size, so stay tuned for that – it is going to take a fair bit of stuffing, and a really long needle!

Now I am off to go sing some more ABBA at the top of my lungs – “I don’t want to talk……, about things we’ve gone through………..” What’s your favorite ABBA song?

(Mine’s “The Winner Takes It All” – today anyway).

8 thoughts on “Sequined Hi-Tops and ABBA

  1. Ooh, I would buy those shoes in a heartbeat!! I think my vote would have to be Dancing Queen – Abba were my favourite band when I was little, although would you believe I have still not seen Mamma Mia?
    R x

  2. When I was scrolling down reading what you’d written I got to the top of the dog and thought, “Oh no. She’s put pink sneakers on the dog….”

    Things here have calmed down. What’s happening?

  3. My daughter had a little sequined (multi-coloured) vest and matching slip-on shoes when she was about 10 . . . 10 years on and she stills speaks fondly of them 🙂

    How do you pick just one ABBA song??? We had the ABBA Gold CD, but now you get me humming little tunes I can’t find it anywhere!!!

    Love the Star Fruits, too! Have a great day.

    Regards, Sue

  4. love the sneakers… love the biscornu….love abba. there is a babba show on in epping next month i think!!
    favorite abba song?? hmmm love gimme gimme gimme. recently a friend and i serenaded the girls in the car to a abba song….. brain freeze, cant remember which one but it cracked up the girls!

  5. My girls are just getting into ABBA now – in fact my husband taught my ‘not-yet-two-year-old’ to say ABBA while I was at Sew It Together!
    I’m a Super Trooper girl myself – or Thank You For the Music if the mood takes me.

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