Learning New Techniques

There have been lots of stressful things that I don’t want to blog about, getting in the way of the things that I do want to blog about lately*.  I started this post almost a week ago, which is lucky in a way, because it has been too dark to take photos for days, and the ones below were at least taken in the sunshine.

These books are two recent acquisitions that I am pretty happy about.

All of blog land has been onto the Alabama Stitch Book for ages, but I just jumped on board – some of the projects in this book are honestly inspirational (a pretty overused word usually).  I was very keen to get it, to learn how to recycle old t-shirts into something beautiful, like the skirt above.  This was mainly to stop the conflict between my inner de-clutterer and my inner green-re-user.

Tile Quilt Revival is a timely purchase.  It echoes where I was already going with the cushion design I have been working on for some time.  I really like the idea of the background showing through, like grout, in between tiles.  The photo above is of some of the unusual historic quilts in the book that utilize this technique.  There are not many examples of these kinds of quilts out there, but they really “speak to me”, perhaps more than the modern quilts in the book do.

I have not learned anything new, technique-wise, from the book, but it is nice to add it to my bookshelf for inspiration.  You can see here my progress with the cushion-front.  I am taking it to Sew It Together (Crafty-Bloggers Convention in Melbourne) tomorrow, as it is the perfect project to sew and chat with – which is why I love needle-turn applique, even though it is time consuming.  I hope to have more to show you next time, unless I chat so much that I end up with no sewing to show for it.

If you are going tomorrow, please say Hi to me, I will be the one in the made-at-the-last-minute-name-tag, with the pegs on it.


*Don’t worry Mum and Dad if you are reading this on your holiday on the other side of the world – there is nothing you don’t know already know about that I am hiding from you.

5 thoughts on “Learning New Techniques

  1. Oh my! I think I’ve just found my next new project – be still my beating heart! I just love what you’ve shown of the cushion-front. Thank you so much for sharing. And great photos, by the way. Enjoy your weekend.

    Regards, Sue

  2. WOW, that is beautiful … had to really look at it to see what I was looking at! I think I may have to do something like it too! Have a lovely time in Melbourne!

  3. This is certainly beautiful Claire, thank you for the link to this (I can’t reply as you came through with no email, so I’m replying here!!). I love the idea of using needleturn to do it, I also adore needleturn applique. It will look fabulous xo

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