Little Stitches

As her older brother and sister have done before her, a couple of days ago, Michaela tried her hand at stitching.  I have talked about teaching the kids how to stitch before – I think back-stitch is the easiest to lean if the shapes are simple.

I have drawn out the same design that the others started with, which borrows the elements from this quilt.  The blue one above is Amelia’s, stitched when she was 5 1/2 years old.  The Red one below is Rory’s, started at the same time when he was 3 1/2 years, but finished when he was almost 5 years old.

They hang together like so….

Eventually Michaela’s  will hang with the others, proudly on our wall.

Have you done any sewing with your kids?  What did you teach them?

8 thoughts on “Little Stitches

  1. The kids are always around when I sew on the machine (having no room to do it in, it just sits on the dining table). All of the kids now know how to thread a machine and do some basic straight lines – in fact one of my kids did a heap of work on my last flannel rag quilt. Wish I knew enough hand stitching to teach them that but I’m hopeless!!

  2. Such a sweet idea, Holly has been stitching and made a cute drawstring bag with here name stitched on it for camp. Havnt considered the 3 year old yet. Dont think riley would be intersted unless it was a

  3. Hi Claire – thanks for morning tea today! It was lovely to meet you and to now know a friendly face at Sew It Together! Hope the fabric goes well with your FFA.

  4. I have taught the girls how to do x-stitch, long stitches, and some quilting/patchwork. they can use the sewing machine after having lessons (decided they would listen to someone else more than me lol).
    miss 15 can now do nice stitchery and can put a button on!!

  5. Hi Claire,
    it was great to catch up after so many years. Your designs look great. I have noticed a running theme with the “rabbit” cushion and the Thank You flower- they both have the distinct “global” look.

    Have you considered branching out into teaching us crafty ones some of your skills? or kids designer (in every sense of the word) parties???

    Look forward to seeing more!!!

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