Cheeky, Brash, Loud, Cocky.

I recently opened this monthly, glossy magazine that come with “The Age”, Melbourne broadsheet newspaper.  This mag is full of luxury advertising, like the one here, but this one just made me giggle.

In many parts of the world, I am sure the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo looks exotic, just not here, where they come from.  Bvlgari should probably have reconsidered running this advertisement in Australia.

Cockatoos are a pretty everyday sight in our neighbourhood, but it is not just their common appearance that makes this advertisement funny, their attributes are probably the polar opposite of luxury and refinement.  They have loud, grating, raucous, screeches.  While generally looked on with affection in the suburbs, their ability to totally strip a grain crop, or ring-bark a tree can make them quite a pest in the country.  They also have cheeky personalities, are clever and can be taught to talk when reared as pets.  I remember “meeting” one in a large aviary as a child, and it said “let me out Grandma”.

So what do you think – am I overreacting or do you find this add pretty funny too?  Perhaps you live somewhere where this does look luxurious – let me know!

4 thoughts on “Cheeky, Brash, Loud, Cocky.

  1. I saw this ad on “Photoshop Disasters” a month or so ago. I found it unlikely that a cocky would sit on a leather bag without distorting it in any way. I also wouldn’t want those huge strong claws gripping onto my hand – that would hurt!

  2. they are bloody heavy birds too! you wouldnt have one sitting on a finger it would snap off lol. Bet that cockie enjoyed chewing on her earing lol…. I love cockies as they are very cheeky birds

  3. Claire

    The cockatoos eat/chew the cedar off my neighbour’s house. They also pick holes in his solar heating for the pool, causing mini sprinklers to periodically shoot out from the roof.

    Also, whilst in FNQ a few years ago at an animal sanctuary, we met a cockatoo that escaped several times by systematically working on a screw to his/her enclosure. They wouldn’t just draw blood from the lovely lady’s finger but I imagine could actually sever the digit!!

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