Sunset Quilt

This is it………….. my Sunset Quilt!  Actually it’s Michaela’s Sunset Quilt.

The weather has not been kind, it has been overcast for days, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this photo of it in it’s entirety, even if the lighting is not perfect.

Here is the initial sketch, drawn on Boxing Day 2008 – this project has taken quite a while to get from conception to completion.  The applique is all needle-turned, which is my favourite method of applique.  The clouds are all hand dyed fabric, but I didn’t dye them myself, I was lucky enough to come across just the right fabrics the February before last.  In fact I felt pretty lucky to find the background fabrics, purples can be tricky and I really wanted dusky ones, rather than stronger, clearer purples.

I could not have realised my vision without Anita, who long-arm quilted it.

We worked as quite a team, especially collaborating on the quilting for the clouds, and the brick details on the tower.

Anita was very patient with the precision of my vision – quilting all the crazy rays of light with no complaints.

Michaela is pretty pleased with the end result too, and now it is neatly hung on her wall.

10 thoughts on “Sunset Quilt

  1. I am not a quilter but can only imagine the work that went into this, Claire. It looks fantastic and I am so in love with that castle…..very cool to see how you work with getting the lights and darks and mood of this piece using fabric and stitching instead of another medium. Great.

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful, Claire! I remember you blogging about the “sunset” fabrics (although, for some, reason, I thought it was going to be a fairy castle!) But I love the single tower, the quilted sun rays and the “pink sky at night” clouds are just gorgeous!
    Rachel xx

  3. I really like it that you showed the progress from drawing to finished project. What a little cutie Michaela is and she does indeed look pleased . Nice job. AND it is giving me some motivation and ideas..Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. You are inspiring me to keep working on my projects, so I can finally see them finished & on beds or walls! Thankyou.

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