Photoshop frivolity

Yesterday Luke and I spent ages trying to get a shot of me that needs to accompany my work for the magazine deadline.  We had some trouble with the light, but got there eventually.  Once we sat down at the computer to have a good look at the shots, Luke started fiddling in Photoshop with all the kids gathered around him.  Here is what he came up with…

Rory as Lotta.  This was, hands down, the funniest.

Michaela with my glasses, nose and mouth (but still her eyes).

Amelia as Lotta (they all wanted to be Lotta).

Rory’s face on Amelia’s body, and the one that almost made Michaela cry…….

Michaela with Rory’s Mohawk.

Luke stressed that he did these with Michaela on his lap (giggling her heart out) so they are not very well done, but we certainly enjoyed them!

Oh and here is the final shot for the magazine.

Not very exciting after all the others, but at least you can tell it’s me!  Gotta get back to my deadline……once that’s done I will reveal the Sunset Quilt!

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