Baltimore Style Block


This is a project I designed ages ago, but have never got around to finishing.  In fact I was a little surprised to see that it was actually January 2009 when I started.

I have had the whole design drawn up on Illustrator for over a year, but am only now nearing the finish line, as it has been put away in a box for ages.


Initially it was going to be a cushion, but I am leaning towards the idea of turning it into the centre of a medallion quilt.  Once I finish the applique I will reassess my plan.  The design is called “Tea in the Garden”, you can see it here on my ironing board.  I only have three more butterflies to work, before I have completed the whole block.


So what do you think?  Can you imagine this better as a quilt centre, or as a cushion?

Would you buy this, if it was a pattern for sale?

4 thoughts on “Baltimore Style Block

  1. the colours are sooo you claire!! love the butterfly! I think it would look nice as either. But if you were wanting a definate decision I would like to see it within a quilt.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!

    I\’m so glad SOMEone else out there was willing to leave a comment to KnockOffWood to defend the intellectual property of designers out there.
    My inbox was FLOODED yesterday with hate mail from her fans. Hopefully, you will not receive the same treatment. I enjoyed your comment. Just wanted to say, thanks, and I totally agree with you.

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