A Spot of Mending


It has been some time since my last post, as I have been pretty sad all week.

On Tuesday I took part in a very painful family meeting at the hospital, about the health of my twin brother. Julian is still, after 9 months, not really improving.  None of us know where things are heading, but slowly our hopes and his future are being crushed under a terrible illness and the hospital’s mismanagement of his treatment.

As always, eventually I turned to creating something, to help me feel more positive, in this case, a spot of mending.


Michaela has this little outfit – a singlet and skorts (skirt/shorts) which she managed to get permanent paint onto (at kinder).  I ruined it further, in my attempts to get the paint out – you can see where I have removed more than the paint, in the photo above.  This is actually the underside of the skirt (which sits over the shorts) and you can see the circle of stitches from the patch I have already applied, to hide the damage.


I thought that three circles of a coordinating print would be more interesting than one, and I am very pleased with the result.  If only everything was as easy to mend.

Do you bother trying to mend clothes like this, or just move on?

6 thoughts on “A Spot of Mending

  1. Glad to have you back but sorry to hear the reasons for your absence. Yes, I have mended clothes like that. I spilled bleach on the front of a top which had some flower sprigs embroidered on it so I simply added a bit more embroidery with flower buds strategically placed to cover the bleached patches. So satisfying when its a favourite top or outfit which has been rescued and also creates something unique.

  2. I was watching you last night working on the skirt and I never even asked you what you were doing!! I am so used to seeing you adding things to the kids clothes, I just assumed you were embelishing the skirt! looks good!!
    I will mend/alter/embellish an item depending on its age and worth!

  3. I worry about a scenario like this happening for us. We, too, have had no huge improvement.

    I wish that your brother’s case workers could see that if they took the time and spent the money NOW, that it would actually save time and money later on when he doesn’t have to be constantly readmitted. It just seems like common sense.

    Hugs. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Hi Claire, so sorry to hear of the tough week you’ve had. I hope things turnaround for the better soon. I love how you have mended Michaela’s skirt! I have to admit, I’m not very good at mending – with the boys they tend to just go through the knees of trousers, which then get turned into shorts, but that’s about it!
    Rachel x

  5. Hi – am not sure that this message will get to you – am new to all this and only read blogs as yet – but just had to say that after linking to and reading the comic book style info – that my heart goes out to you, your family and your brother. So many illnesses are misunderstood because those trying to treat them are not sufferers themselves and no one in their immediate family has the illness. And its worse when on top of that there is no known cause/cure either!
    Having had ME myself for 31 years since my early teens (my father also suffers with it too) I know just how frustrating it is when no/very little help is available from the powers that be.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that others are thinking of you even though we are 1000s of miles away. I have 3 wonderful sisters who support me so never underestimate just how much you are appreciated. I am sure when your brother is better – I say when not if because you have to believe he will be better – that he will tell you so himself.
    Meantime try to keep the faith and thank you for letting everyone read your lovely blog.
    Warmest Regards
    Mandy x

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