Dusty Apple Green

Anyone that has even a passing knowledge of my wardrobe knows that this colour is one of my wardrobe staples.  I suspect even the crossing man at school (the friendly Ken) could tell you that this colour pops up in my personal palette all the time.


Long time readers will know that we had a soft, apple-green feature wall in our old house that was a backdrop to many a photo – I still miss it.

When I saw this bag out of the corner of my eye the other day, my feet changed direction to check it out before the thought had even formed.  The sign that said “50% off already reduced price” sealed the deal.  I didn’t even check out the dimensions and make-up of the internal pockets.


It was almost the same story when I spied this necklace on Janelle Wind’s blog the other day.  It had my name all over it.  She too was extolling the virtues of Apple Green.  Before I knew it I had clicked the link (to Fresh Metal) and purchased my own little piece of accessory happiness.  There is another beautiful aqua one there now,  don’t you just love etsy!

Clearly I needed a stylist when this photo was taken.  Mr Matching Pegs (behind the camera) sure didn’t notice that the ribbon was twisted.  I think I know how it happened though.


I was heading out for the evening, and Miss Michaela was less than happy.  So this photo was taken to cheer her up.


It worked!  I also took the opportunity to catch Rory with his much more normal haircut, looking like himself again.


So, I’m interested, what colour is your wardrobe riddled with (and you can’t say black, or white, it has to be a colour 😉 )?

7 thoughts on “Dusty Apple Green

  1. Oh, I’m sure you can guess my answer! Other than black or white it’s mostly pink and purple, but this winter there has been some royal blue sneaking in too. I always stick to “cool” colours – there is no brown, red, yellow or orange at all!
    Rachel xx

  2. That’s a gorgeous bag, Claire 🙂

    I have a lot of black… but I find myself buying a certain shade of nail polish often… I’ll be all “this is gorgeous,” and I’ll get it home and put it on only to realise it’s the same metallic crimson as a dozen other bottles!

  3. Claire, Love the necklace – especially the green. Kept meaning to say something about it on Friday night, but the conversation kept drifing off in all sorts of directions. My wardrobe is littered with ‘gelati’ colours. Your apple green for one. Turquoise and orange!!! Barbara (Friday night – Movie nights)

  4. PS. Have worked out how to add your blog as a Google Alert. Thanks for the impromptu tutorial.

  5. It’s orange for me…seems to be popping up everywhere lately 🙂 The necklace is so soft and lovely Claire. Goes great with the ruffle on the blouse too.

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