Australia Day


Our family is having a very quiet Australia day, but I thought I would mark the occasion by sharing these photos of some regular visitors, these Rainbow Lorikeets, a favourite Australian bird.  Surprisingly they have been coming to plunder a conifer out the front which I think is “Thuja orientalis”.  They have been eating the small berry-looking-things that I think are actually female cones.  It surprises me because the plant is certainly not native, (as the birds are) but the birds clearly love it – as they are very thorough, and return regularly.


These two systematically made their way around half the plant – occasionally one would disappear into the interior, and it would look like there was only one bird there.


These birds remind me that we are very lucky to have a house and garden in one of the leafier suburbs of Melbourne, and lucky to live here in Australia.

Have you had any interesting visitors this Australia Day?

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