Tiny Tulip


Way back in August, I went on our guild’s sewing retreat for the weekend.  We were given lots of little freebies, including a tiny little pattern for foundation piecing this tulip, and the bits to turn it into a badge.  Some guild members sewed them up and started wearing them straight away, indeed several of them were made using some of my little scraps.

Unpacking from the move, I rediscovered the pattern.  As I had never tried this kind of foundation piecing (only the string quilt kind for my New House Quilt) I thought I would give it a go.  I thought it was kind of sweet.


Theoretically, it is 2.5″ square, but as you can see, mine is not very square, and the binding (and everything else) is very sloppy.  Regardless, it was fun trying a new skill – I can see while some people are drawn to the accuracy of foundation piecing.

Have you tried your hand at a new skill lately?

3 thoughts on “Tiny Tulip

  1. That is so sweet! I haven’t tried foundation piecing yet, nor any other new skill (that I can think of!) but I really do want to try some new things this year – learning how to make a skirt is quite high on my list – and maybe some things like stamp carving and fabric printing.
    Rachel x

  2. I’ve learnt to bead tulle since Christmas. And it went WAY faster than I thought it would. I had 3000 pearls and 4000 bugle beads, and thought it would take months, but I somehow managed it in 5 days. Admittedly my calculations for quantities were a bit off and I have a number of beads left! The wedding dress is getting closer to completion….
    Hope things are looking brighter in the Matching Pegs extended family.
    Janet x

  3. hmmm I dont remember getting one of them!! nice job though 🙂 New skill learnt?… hmmmm well Im setting up my own blog! Thats an aquired skill 🙂

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