Welcome 2010


Last night we welcomed in the New Year, at our place, with our dearest friends who always gather at our place for NYE.  It felt festive, relaxed and went a long way towards building me up again after our difficult Christmas.

The light show was all supplied by nature – we had quite a thunderstorm, and received a decent amount of rain, which here in Melbourne is always good.


We have had a very quiet time at home in the last week, and one project I accomplished was to put some of my fabric up on the shelves in my sewing studio.  I still have a couple of small crates of fabrics, which are designated for specific projects, but I have emptied the largest crate onto the shelves, which was general stash.  Because applique is what I am mostly into, I keep even very small pieces of fabric, and while I have a fair breadth of fabrics, my stash isn’t really that large.

Needless to say, I took great delight in lovingly sorting my fabric into colour stacks and lining them up on my shelves.  You can also see my supply of “little stuff” – mini pegs and tiny buttons, (lots of tiny stars, dragonflies, bees, ladybirds and tiny button-shaped buttons).

I didn’t quite make my target of getting my new house quilt top finished before the close of 2009.  I have finished all the blocks and after arranging them all and labeling the block placement, I have started joining them.  2 columns joined – 8 more to go.


Luke gave me a fantastic present for Christmas – this fantastic book.  I am itching to start experimenting.  It is full  of tutorials on using Illustrator and Photoshop to create textile designs – so this is fair warning of what might grace the pages of this blog before long.

The other fantastic present we got each other was a dishwasher – the gift that keeps on giving, every. single. night.  It made cleaning up after dinner for 15 people last night easy peasey.

I am deeply grateful for all your messages of support after my last post.  I have not felt quite up to replying to them, but please don’t take it personally – I really appreciated that my family was in your thoughts.

Spending quiet time with my family has been the balm I needed to get me through the past week, and I did not feel up to being on the computer.  Things are not a lot better, but Christmas is behind us, so that helps.  It felt really good to type in 2010 – that’s my optimism coming back – I’ve read that we have just entered the ONEder years – I kind of like that description of the decade to come, I wonder if it will stick.

So, what are you looking forward to doing in 2010, or what have you heard the next decade being called?

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