More Blocks of Strings for the New House Quilt


I made these 6 blocks today for my New House Quilt that I started back in August.  It is amazing how much sewing you can get done if everyone stays home.  There has been more Monopoly, some Marbles, Mastermind, Cluedo, and collaborative story writing/illustrating going on.  There has also been tears and someone has been sent to their room more than once.

Christmas time + Daylight savings always = tired kids, in this house.


These blocks just make me so happy.  There will be 64 blocks in the quilt which will finish at 80″ x 80″.  I only have 10 more blocks to make.  I hope to finish it before our New Years Eve party.  I would love the label to say August – December 2009.

Are you racing to finish anything this year?

2 thoughts on “More Blocks of Strings for the New House Quilt

  1. I’m racing to finish Christmas presents for the little people in my family. One down, one half finished and one not yet started. Argh! Good thing my work has decided to give us CHristmas eve off!
    I should have realised school holidays would mean more blogging, I hadn’t looked this week, and voila, three to catch up on!
    I love hearing how your family and crafting are going.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. I spent most of yesterday quilting a rainbow quilt for my niece for Christmas. Just got to hand sew the binding!

    Hang in there re the daylight saving. Now that the kids are older, we all love it.

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