Baubles and Unphotographed Crafting


These are not quite as clever as some others I have seen on the web, (featuring mini knitting and made up as tiny terrariums) but I had lots of fun filling these glass baubles with some buttons, and some tiny felt offcuts, which I have been collecting all year.  I have 4 more left, and I am thinking at that they will contain tiny pegs.

I think I will string these together, to hang as non-seasonal ornaments, so that I can enjoy them all year round.

There has been quite a bit of last minute crafting going on, which means no time to take photos before gifting.  This kind of means the gifts don’t exist, blog wise.  I thought I would show you other versions I have made of the same things.


This is “Thank-you Flower, which I designed in February 2008.  I made these for the three carers at Occasional Care, in three different colour-ways.  The spots you see are all french knots.


I also made a version of one of these (which I first designed in 2004) for the Kinder assistant – I have made her a different one every year, which together make up a set.  This year’s one was gold, and said “Family” on it.  Others have been “Love”, “Peace”, “Hope” and the “Joy” one you see here.


The officially started the long summer school holidays yesterday, so we are going to have lots of time at home.  Thankfully it is not too hot yet, so we are really enjoying relaxing in the garden around our new house.  This little fellow (or gal) has been hanging out a lot in our yard too – a juvenile kookaburra.  He/She is often in the tree outside Rory’s window (where I took this photo) waiting patiently for his family to feed him/her.

I think if we ever named our house, it would have to be called “Kookaburra Hollow”.  Does anyone out there live in a house with a name?

3 thoughts on “Baubles and Unphotographed Crafting

  1. those balls are just fantastic i have seen them in the shops with kids and pet picks in them but yours are the best…buttons and felt soooo cool… just droped in to say hi…thought you wouldn’t mind me leaving a comment …hey happy christmas too…margie

  2. They’re lovely – I was showing the baubles terrariums to a friend the other day; he wants to make something for his god daughter!
    I haven’t seen any clear baubles though – and I’ve had a couple of looks… Hasn’t made it to spotlight though…

    You know what else would look darling? Mini origami paper cranes…

    As a high school teacher, in always jealous of the gifts you make for your kids teachers and helpers! 🙂 They’re just divine – and that you’re organised enough to make a set over a period of years? Wow!

  3. I can imagine all the teachers would be competing to teach your kids each year, Claire. They must be blown away by the care you show.
    Merry Christmas to you and Luke and the children.

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