Paisley Board


Yesterday I whipped up this little project for my new sewing space.  A simple whiteboard that is anything but white.


When we bought the house we inherited this ubiquitous framed Pears Soap print which was hanging in the bathroom.  Did you know that Pears is the worlds oldest continuously existing brand?

I decided to reuse the frame, and so took to the back staples with a pair of pliers.


I discovered that the print was actually adhered to the backing board, so I turned the board around and used double sided fusible web (in this case Vlisofix) to adhere some lovely paisley printed fabric (by April Cornell) with a hot iron.  The ironing board was not wide enough so I used a woolen blanket on my cutting table.


After trimming off the excess fabric, I slipped it back inside the frame,  (actually I struggled, and cut my finger on the wood as I got it in, but slipped sounds so much more elegant) and now it is ready to be used as a “white”(Paisley) board, to list all my projects on.


I bet you have an old frame waiting for a make-over……a DIY Christmas present for someone perhaps.

5 thoughts on “Paisley Board

  1. Claire that is an amazing idea! Julian was only talking about a glass board that could be cleaned easily the other day – I’m making him your version for Christmas. Unreal! It’s such an excellent use of a rather dull framed picture! Oh I can’t wait to get started. Thanks! p.s. he’s at the house in Melbourne as I type and only half the furniture has been delivered – they forgot about the existence of the second container so he has no bed apart from an old single mattress, no coffee machine (dreadful!), no television (even more dreadful when you’re by yourself!) and no sofa – only dining chairs to sit on. Poor Julian 🙂

  2. Sensational idea Claire!

    Since you left your Christmas comment, I have been trying to get onto your blog without success. Dunno what was wrong – kept getting error codes (does this happen if someone is trying to see it when it is being edited I wonder?). Anyhoo – I wanted to say ‘shazam’ with all that Christmas stuff and family in hospital etc etc. I STILL haven’t bought a present, but plan on making a list and shopping like a woman possessed very late one night. When? Who knows!!!!

    My mum’s husband has had multiple cerebral bleeds and has been pleasantly (mostly) confused for the past month. Now looking for a nursing home as there is no way my mum could care for him the way he is. So sad for her and his children. Hope your situation is better than ours.

    Let’s take a big breath and hit Christmas head on Claire! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!

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