My Beautiful Sewing Space


A few days ago I finished putting the “skirt” on my new cutting table – it is complete!

Made from two IKEA kitchen cabinets, an interior door, some small lengths of timber, little hooks and eyes, some stretchy, covered-springy-stuff that holds up the curtains, and about 5.5 metres of fabric (Shangri-La by Three Sisters for Moda – stolen from an uncompleted project).  I am so thrilled.

The top is painted in the same custom colour that we had mixed for the gutters and the heater surround at our last house – it is hard to pick from the photos, but it is a very dark kingfisher blue – verging on black and I love it.


The cabinets are holding my stash, which is still stored in several plastic crates.  I am debating storing less attractive items under there, and putting the folded piles of fabric on my open shelves – but that is a pretty big job, I’m still thinking through the pros and cons.  Can you see these lovelies well enough – here is a better look.


This is the other side of the space (which was the formal dining room for the previous family – you can see it here)


My Mum has been extremely generous, and has given me her Horn Cabinet, to store my sewing machine in.  I have yet to colonize the space inside it with all my bits and pieces.  It will take me some time to decide where to keep everything – the thing is full of little partitions.

You will have noticed my little friend in the first photo.


After Lotta’s recent clip, the weather turned cold again, so I had to put her in a coat, which I almost never do.  She is wonderful company in my beautiful sewing area, and pretty cute as well.  Stay tuned for more sewing room projects.

Does anyone keep you company when you are sewing?

6 thoughts on “My Beautiful Sewing Space

  1. Your table is beautiful Claire. You have to love IKEA parts! I haven’t been in love with my space lately. You are inspiring me to clean out my studio and throw a fresh coat of paint up.

  2. Because I live by myself, my company is usually the tv. I move my tiny kitchen table into the lounge room most of the time, and have my sewing machine set up there. My designated sewing room and office has turned into storage (right now it’s almost impossible to get in the door, let alone work in there!). Your space looks wonderful.

  3. Claire you so much take after your Mum with all this. I remember her saying many years ago…”She who dies owning the most fabric, wins”.
    It all looks most inviting and creative.

  4. Hi Claire,

    you’re at sewing while I write this……home alone on my anniversary. At least I can check my favourite blogs. Your sewing room is getting there, we have our formal dining room, but the billiard tables in there….lucky you!!!

    What happened to the plastic covered fabric you were going to use on the table?? Where are you going to use it?

    See you when we get back from Phillip Island.

  5. Your creative space is so neat and tidy – I am jealous! The ‘folded fabric on open shelves’ sounds romantic – but I would be spending all my time tidying it up and not sewing – hang on – playing with the fabric does sound mighty good!
    Yes – I definitely have company while I am in my sewing room – Pippi my Whippet is my little shadow – she has learnt though not to get under the wheels of the chair!

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