After a spell of very hot, dry and unseasonable weather, we had a thunderstorm this afternoon and some big heavy drops of rain.  One of the locals decided to take a rain shower on my back deck .


There was lots of fanning out of wings and tail, and lots of shaking.  It was tricky to capture through the rain, and the window.   I know these are not the greatest photos, but what a thrill to be living up close with the Kookaburras (Which belong to the Kingfisher family).  You can read about the Laughing Kookaburra here, and down at the bottom right there is a link to listen to the laughing call.


In this very blurry photo you can kind of make out the pale “robins-egg-blue” coloured spots on his/her wings.  I wish I could think of a more accurate name for that colour, it seem rude to be mentioning Robins to describe a Kookaburra.

One thought on “Ablutions

  1. I was going to say ‘duck egg blue’ but again that is mentioning another bird! How about Wedgewood blue – that’s kind of a pale, but not quite baby blue, is it not? You are, after all, the expert in colours Claire!

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