Jaunty Red Shoes


Lately, my family of origin has been having a pretty terrible time.  There has been very serious health problems and lots of very hard news.  Yesterday was a low point, leaving me (and all the other members of my family) feeling extremely fragile.  Today my Mother, Michaela and I took ourselves off to a beautiful nursery/cafe to sit in the sun, and be fed lunch.  It is amazing how restorative such simple pleasures can be.  Therapy ended up encompassing a purchase of these shoes.


How could I leave them behind – they had all my favourite colours, and were predominantly red.

There was one arguement for leaving them behind – my friend Debbie (who is in another state at the moment) bought a pair of these when she was down the coast about a month ago.  Will you forgive me Debbie – even thinking of your pair, I still could not fight “the wanties”?

7 thoughts on “Jaunty Red Shoes

  1. Oh Claire, I’m so sorry to hear this news… ((hugs)) from one end of Melbourne to the next. The shoes are adorable, and a great little pick-me-up.

    I have to say, reading Matching Pegs is a pick-me-up for ME! I love your turn of phrase.. “family of origin” and “the wanties”… just gorgeous.

    Here’s hoping you are wearing those shoes on happier days.

  2. Even in Queensland I spotted my shoes!!!!!!! A roster will have to be organised…… I’ve decided to start a blog for 2010, but the name I wanted has already been taken. Talk to you when I get back.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that things have hit a low. Please know that you and yours are in my thoughts (for what that’s worth).
    2009’s been such a topsy turvy year in the personal lives of so many people I know. Let’s hope 2010 is more stable.

  4. love the shoes even though i dont ‘do’ red. i need a new pair of summer shoes desperately….

    been thinking of you through the week. big hugs to you

  5. Hey Claire, I’ve just managed to get around to reading your blog and I’m so sorry to hear that there has been more sad news. I’ll try and give you a ring tomorrow. Hugs & Kisses from US! Oh……….and I LOVE the shoes! Do we have the same size feet?

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