Excessive Cuteness

Packing continues apace in the Matching Pegs household.  Excitement is rising, and not enough sleep is being had.  As a break from excavating (and sorting) through the pile of paperwork by the phone (you know that pile that always builds up – notices from school, clippings from the paper, etc.) I have jumped on the computer to share a photo or two.


A little while ago, an old school friend had twins – a little boy Benjamin and a little girl Elizabeth.  Here is the tiny present I popped in the mail a little while ago.  I had a lot of fun selecting some of my favorite fabrics to embellish these two little tee’s.  I figured that the slightly matching clothes would not bother newborns the way it bothers older kids, (take it from me, it does when you are part of a boy/girl twin set).


Just because I need a little more of a dose of adorable (packing is so blah) here is a photo of Michaela from about 6 weeks ago, when I finally found some of those shaped head towels with the little elastic loop to twist the end through.  I have been wanting them for after swimming lesson, and we found some in really nice colours.

Now back to packing, which should really be called sorting, purging, discovering, organising, squashing, wrapping, cleaning and boxing!

Moving next Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Excessive Cuteness

  1. I love the little T’s they are adorable.

    Michaela is pretty darn cute in that towel, we’ve been seeing kids wearing them at our local swim school (VanDyks) and my oldest is very envious of them.

  2. ok – obviously the computer isn’t packed yet – hee hee. Love the T’s especially since I have been the recipient of one of these for my little girl just recently, thank you. Where did you get the hair towels – I’ve only ever seen white, pretty blah.
    Good luck tomorrow – catch you Thursday if you’re not stuck in a box. 🙂

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