String Quilt Cushion


Thing have been going along swimmingly with my string pieced blocks – which has been great, I have been using them as a kind of therapy lately.  I decided a few days ago that I could probably spare a few strips for a quick-finish-project I had in mind – a string pieced cushion.


As I needed a slightly different sized block to fit the cushion, I decided to choose a different colour for the starting diagonal.  The last thing that I wanted was a stray, odd-sized-block getting mixed up in the New House Quilt!


To give the cushion a bit more durability, and a nice shape, I decided to take a leaf out of Lily’s book and quilt the blocks onto a old piece of blanket I had left over from a previous sewing endeavor.  I was really pleased with the finish this gave to the cushion, and I am saving the rest of that blanket for more.

Now here is the part where you start laughing.  I lovingly crafted this cushion for our Puppy, (I know that some of you will not find this as hilarious as others – but the dog owners out there, that have hounds that shred their bedding, will probably shake their heads at least).


You see, Lotta has taken a liking to perching on this folded quilt in the evenings when she comes inside.  Like a mountain goat, she delicately makes her way to the end of the back of the couch (which, as you can see, is not against a wall, but floating out in front of the shelves).  I had taken to leaving the quilt there as I was gradually sewing down the binding to finish it.  Clearly it took me a while, because Lotta has gotten used to it.


I am hoping she will get used to the new cushion (and the idea that it is especially for her), so that once we move house I can place it somewhere more convenient, and less precarious.  At least I know she will have a stylish cushion that will go with our decor, and not look like something that belongs to the dog – unless she takes up shredding her bedding.

Have you made anything beautiful for your pet lately?

7 thoughts on “String Quilt Cushion

  1. It’s beautiful Claire! I’ve been wanting to make some new cushions for our lounge for ages but have been having trouble getting started & deciding which fabrics to use. This is such a great design because I won’t have to just choose one or two fabrics, I can use loads!
    Lotta looks very cozy too!
    Rachel x

  2. the cushion looks great, and lotta looks very happy curled up there. As you know my doggy would lovvvvve a special cushion but as she is a shredder she aint getting one!!!

    i also cant imagine a doberman climbing up on your couch back… that would be amusing. Mind you i found a quilt had found its way on the floor and SOMEone has put holes in it arrgggghhh. shes definately not getting a pillow!

  3. Beware, be very careful….. in a dog pack the alpha dog takes the highest position. So by letting Lotta sit on the couch, let alone above you, makes her think she’s the alpha dog. This makes disciplining your dog very difficult!!! I recommend the cushion go on the floor at your feet instead. The cushion is lovely….. I think I’ll have to do some string quilting next also!!!

  4. Love the cushion, lucky Lola, I havnt made anything for my poor old dog, but he has stolen my back door mat to sleep on! My fault for not bring it back inside after I mopped the floors.

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