Goop and Papier Mache


This weekend required an activity to keep small people entertained, and it ended up involving the whole family.  I was the designated goop chef, and I made up this batch of papier mache glue, using only the ingredients you see here – Flour, sugar, water (and heat).  I found the reciepe here.


We blew up small balloons for the kids, propped them some jars and glasses, and got dipping with our ripped up newspaper.  Luke and Michaela are collaborating on a chirpy bird.  Rory and Amelia are making frogs.  Best of all, I think this project will provide amusement for days to come.

We stored the goop in the fridge overnight, and this morning it was the consistency of good old Clag.  It was great to be able to whip it up in our own kitchen for free, and we now have enough goop for a papier mache house.

Speaking of houses, here is another activity to keep the kids amused (found via Simple Mom) – celebrating our favorites, Charlie and Lola.

What did you get up to this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Goop and Papier Mache

  1. Looks like fun!
    I can’t wait to see the finished products 🙂

    Friday was games night with some friends. Yesterday, Gnomeangel and I went fabric and antique shopping, before cooking up a storm together. Today, I’ve been listening to old CDs while attempting to clean the spare room and my bedroom, but I haven’t actually gotten too far… I also need to do some marking (my HSC kids had their trial exams while I was off sick last week). And tonight, a new friend is cooking me dinner. )I think I’ve finally hit my stride with my new single life. Things are good.)

  2. Perfect timing! I found your blog via Mel at Sugarlemon and here your first post is something I was wanting to do with my girls. 🙂 They have been making paper mache elephants at Scouts and my oldest is scared of popping the balloons so I thought we’d practice at home to reduce the anxiety. Thank you 🙂

    As for what we did this weekend, we went to the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival and I rescued two abandoned cross stitches. 🙂

  3. oooohhh i love paper mache!!! invite me next time you are chucking glue around the house 🙂 I made my bias binding today! first time ive made it, and its stripey fabric so now its on the angle and looks very nice if i must say so myself 🙂

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