Our Chef must look his best


Remember this incident?

The other night I made my chef a new fabric hat.  I am quite pleased with the result.  You see our culinary friend must be looking at his best, as he plays an important part in dressing up our kitchen.  Our exciting news – and the reason our house needs to look at its best – is that we have bought a new (and much bigger house)  and need to put our current house on the market as soon as possible.  We have spent all weekend painting the doors and trim that we stripped in previous weeks.  We also moved lots of furniture around, and put some of it out in the garage.


Here is another little thing I made the other night – more “set dressing”.  I just wrapped some of my favourite fabric around a blank canvas.  I had intended it for another spot, but I thought it looked good on the mantle.

Our new house has very 80’s decor – apricot and mission brown, rather than pink and dove grey.


This is the dining room in our new house.  Because the meals area, connected to the kitchen, is so large and pleasant, we are not going to use this as a dining room.  It will be my very own sewing room!  I just have to wait until October, (when we settle) to set it up, and make it a little more sympathetic to our style.

I am going to be de-cluttering and sprucing up our current place for a while and will not be posting (or replying to comments) for the next week or so.  Know anyone that wants to buy a nice house?

8 thoughts on “Our Chef must look his best

  1. Oh Claire – that is so exciting – you won’t know yourself! Ahhhh! SPACE! A sewing room! and that lovely view you’ll have and what looks like a deck! I’m green with envy. Good luck sprucing up your house and finding the right buyer – you will. 🙂

  2. Wow, thats great news. Especially that you get a sewing room!
    Lucky you. great hat for the chef, that is a great idea to make him one out of fabric.

  3. congrats again on the new house, i hope you sell your old one quickly. the wait for your own sewing room will be sooooooo worth the wait, you lucky girl you!!

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