Minor Home Improvements

For the last two weekends, Luke and I have been working hard around the house, doing some things we have been waiting to do for years.


20081020-loungeafterOne thing I have done is re-paint the heater surround (which would have originally been a fireplace).  Previously it was badly painted with flat wall paint over an older darker colour, which showed through in a few places.  It has always bothered me (You can see it here on the left).

I talked Luke into letting me paint it in a dark colour.  It is actually the same custom colour we had mixed up for our gutters and trim outside – a very dark, midnight blue.  My theory was that it would make the dark ugly heater stand out less, and tie in more with the dark unpainted tiles along the floor in front of it.

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though I know it is not a look everyone would like.  I am happy to report that it has grown on Luke, so he likes it too.

Sadly we are in the middle of a much bigger, and less exciting job.  We are stripping paint off trim and doors all over the house.


The people we bought the house from had just painted all the trim, and we very quickly found out that they had done a very bad job with the preparation.  Everywhere we looked the white was peeling off to show the dark beige underneath.  It has been such a big job to remove all the loose paint, but as we strip it off we can see that the previous owners didn’t even wash the doors, so it is not surprising that the white is coming off.

Once we have finished preparing, we will be repainting it white.

I didn’t want to leave you with such a drab old picture, here, enjoy my happy wanderer – I sure am.


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