My Painting is Finished


I wondered, back when I started this painting, how long it would take me to complete it – it turns out 6 months.

I am pretty happy with it, it really cheers up the room, (even if the hook it is on turns out to be slightly off centre – I hope that I can fix it in under 6 months).


I did use a slightly unusual tool when I was creating this work of art.  I knew I would have difficulty painting a really thin line with a steady enough hand, but I really wanted to add an outline between the petals.  I ended up using a purple sharpie.  I hope it doesn’t fade quicker than the rest of the painting.

Even though the judges on one of our favourite shows, Home Made, (the kids love it) advise against home made art, I think this one suits our bedroom just fine – perhaps because our bedroom is so average suburban to start with.

Do you have any home made art on your walls?

6 thoughts on “My Painting is Finished

  1. Claire, it looks fabulous! I wish I was talented enough to make my own paintings. We have a lot of Ikea prints on our walls, but also some of the kids’ paintings, and your little stitchery design too!
    Rachel x

  2. Love the painting. Love home-made art. My house is full of it – I live with two painters – one mature male and one toddler girl. Our walls are full.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and leading me to yours – it’s lovley!

  3. claire, the painting looks great!

    I was thinking.. no i dont have home made art but then silly me, of course i do! i have quilts of course and in the front room i have a wall of things the girls have drawn/painted. i have my own version of the scream and a picasso of the weeping woman!

  4. I like think your painting is really charming.

    I have a lot of home made art on my walls, but I think people who think about design and art never really make any thing “home made” in the way that judge meant. We make art, even if it is in our home.

    P.S. One of the grate things about making your own art is if the purple marker fades then you can just redraw it.

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