Ornamental Cabbage


Thank you so much for all the lovely Birthday Wishes.  My birthday was much better than expected.  Even though we could not take Julian out of the hospital, we found an empty common room, and had some lovely cupcakes my sister had made for the occasion.  Michaela and I took in some festive helium balloons, so cake + balloons = mini birthday party for 5.  These interesting flowers are actually some ornamental cabbage that Mum gave me on the day.  They look amazing, and last really well – they look exactly the same now, 5 days later.

Luke, the kids and I had a yummy pizza dinner out, and then I went to my weekly sewing evening, where the girls spoilt me like crazy.  Turns out that some of them were actually stalking me when we were shopping in the patchworks shops the previous weekend.  They were following me and buying some of the fabric that I ooohed and ahhed over.  I also received tea related gifts, candles, decorative pegs, (see they know me well) and one of Debbie’s lovely handbags.


Today I had a blissful Tuesday to myself and accomplished quite a bit.  I finally dealt with the old sheers in our bedroom.  I have hated these since we moved in 7 years ago!  For ages I have had the plain sheer fabric to make new ones, more in keeping with our taste.  The problem has been getting an empty house, so that I have the floor space to measure them up and cut them out. Voila!


Having just past the shortest day of the year, it is unsurprisingly dim in our south facing bedroom*, so this picture is not the best.  If we did not live with the school at the end of our street, I might not have bothered with sheers at all, but everyone knows we live here and the morning school traffic would all be able to see in if I didn’t have them.  Instead of me in my PJ’s, this is what they will see.


Keeping with the bedroom theme, I also got out another work in progress that I worked on a little more.


I took this photo before I filled in the white spaces you can see, they are now gone.

The flowers are looking a little intense and flat.  I plan on adding thin over-painting to give more subtlety to the colours as well as more colour graduation and shadows.  I used to paint with oils years ago, but I am using acrylics (having no time to wait for oils to dry) , so I am making it up as I go – I hope the over-painting works, I may have to use some kind of medium – anyway the fun I am having is more important than exact technique.

I also did a little sewing today – but that’s another post, for another day.

Do you have sheers on your windows, or can the public see in?

*For northern hemisphere readers – a south facing bedroom here, is like a north facing bedroom over there.  If a room faces due south, it doesn’t get any direct sunlight, and tends towards dark.

3 thoughts on “Ornamental Cabbage

  1. I’ve never seen ornamental cabbage before. How lovely!

    You’ve made me feel guilty about our curtains. When we got the cats (3 years ago) they snagged some little holes in the sheers before they learned that they weren’t allowed to. Must get onto fixing them….

  2. im hearing the music from the twilight zone…. i saw those ornamental cabbages the other day and admired them and now i see them here!!

    your old lace curtains look similar to mine, but they look good in my house lol!! I dont have many people walk past our house (in a court) BUT i grew up with lace curtains and cant live without them 🙂

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