Mr Olden Days Rory


The other day I turned this little pile of clothes and some polar fleece into this – Mr Olden Days Rory!


He was visiting an historical school/farmyard/community type setup with his school (not Sovereign Hill, one closer to home).

He had a great day, but “It will take too long to tell you all about it Mum”!

I did learn that he did really like the blacksmith a lot though.

Thanks for the compliments on my quilt for Amelia – I don’t really have time to reply to comments at the moments.

I am spending my free time building a website to coordinate helpers who are stepping in to help one of the families in our local community.  The father of the family has been struck down with a flesh eating disease, and has had extensive surgery on his arm to save his life.  He will be having skin grafts and rehab for about a year.  This has been very scary and a major blow, especially as he is the worker and driver of the family – his wife is vision impaired.  If any of you out there have used the web to co-ordinate help in a similar way, I would love to hear from you.

Anyway, back to Old Time Rory – I think his lost teeth (yes, he has already lost another one) make him look even more cute and old-timeish.  if only it wasn’t so hard to get him to smile!


4 thoughts on “Mr Olden Days Rory

  1. Ethan loved the blacksmith also, he was lucky he was standing in the second row, because the boy in front of him had a spark land on his pants and burn a hole…

  2. He look adorable! Let me know if I can help in anyway? Do they have kids cause I have some donated stuff I need to pass on, its all new?
    Cheers Leah

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