First Tooth Photoshoot


Rory lost his first tooth today, with very little warning.  Unlike the way his big sister deals with loose teeth, I think he helped it along a fair bit.  It is amazing how much the loss of one tooth changes his appearance.  I took this photo of Rory in front of our Scarlet Oak, which matched his school shirt perfectly.

I often take photos of my work, using the foliage in the garden as a backdrop.  Inspired by this practice, Michaela decided to direct a little photo shoot of her own.



This is her Angel-teddy in two of her poses.

I had a fabulous Mothers Day on Sunday – I was spoilt with a wonderful breakfast, (bacon and eggs, toast and tea) and a delicious afternoon tea of banana cake and choc chip cookies – all made by my wonderful family.  The kids choose presents from the school Mothers day stall that they had really put a lot of thought into, and Michaela ate me some lovely chocolates.  That’s right – Michaela made me some chocolates at kinder which were hidden in the house with her big sisters help – chocolates I knew nothing about.  I learnt about them when she appeared and told me……

“there are only 2 left Mummy”

“2 what Michaela?”

“2 choccies”

Either there was only a small amount of milk in the chocolate, or Michaela may be starting to grow out of her milk allergy, as she seemed to have no adverse effects from her surreptitious snack.  Oh well – it is the thought that counts right?


Another great thing about Mothers Day was that the sun was shining on us, and our washing – I have been a mother for almost 9 years – I have maternal priorities that I just can’t hide.

How was your Mothers Day?

3 thoughts on “First Tooth Photoshoot

  1. Sadly, I can REALLY relate to the washing bit! I was in domestic bliss on Sunday as we pottered around the house. Ian outside supervising a bonfire with the kids and me, inside catching up with my washing. I too noticed the ‘too good to miss’ weather! Ahhhh! How motherhood changes ones priorities! 🙂

  2. Also, on the ‘tooth’ thing. My son the same age as yours hasn’t lost his first tooth yet either but it is definately loose! Interesting they are losing their first teeth around the same time. Later than my other 2 lost their first. And also on the tooth fairy, at our house apparently the more teeth the kids lose the more the rate goes up. Our #1 child announced that you get $5 for the back teeth. Really?

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