Little Quilty*


I finally finished that little quilt to match the bunny.  I decided that it didn’t look to towely after all.


As you can see I made it for a little baby girl called Alani – who is not so tiny any more, but several months old.  As her family was moving house, I waited a little while to make a gift, but then I took a little while longer when life got really busy.  All it needs now is a little label and it is in the post.  Luckily I can show it to you – I don’t think they are blog readers (I hope).

While I took my photos, on the deck, in the lovely Autumn sunshine, I had company.


Who keeps you company while you work on your projects?

* That post headline was actually a typo, but I liked the word Quilty so I kept it right up there.

One thought on “Little Quilty*

  1. Man, can that dog be any more adorable?! I just want to pick her up and snuggle her! The little doll quilt(y!) is very sweet, I’m sure Alani will love it!
    Rachel x
    (And so cool to see my little embroidery on your last post! I’ve found a frame for it but am now wondering about sewing on a little fabric border first?)

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