The Lotta Problem


There  was one problem that we did not anticipate when we got Lotta, our little puppy.

Her tiny little legs are too short to make it down the stairs.  She has learnt how to run up the stairs, but to go down she would have to leap from one tread to the next, and they are not wide enough to catch her.  We have been carrying her down the stairs to the grass, but it has been driving me crazy, because she runs up again, following someone, and gets “stuck”.

I spent today fixing the problem.


I call it the Lotta Ladder.  Now she can make it down the stairs all on her own.

I am really proud because I made it myself, in a day, by hand, (no power tools) and trained Lotta to use it (treats on every second rung helped).  Lotta problem solved!


10 thoughts on “The Lotta Problem

  1. Everytime I see that little face it makes me feel like throwing out all my old arguments about how “We can’t get a dog right now, kids”.. so sweet. Good job on the doggy ramp Claire!

  2. AAAAHHHHH!!!! That is perfect! We are in exactly the same predicament with Toph the dachshund puppy and our back stairs (only they are a bit longer) – she can’t even make it up the stairs and certainly not down – and it is a bit difficult to do well on the toilet training when she cannot take herself downstairs. I’m showing Julian 🙂

  3. That’s a great feeling – to have a problem and solve it beautifully – you must feel very proud. I must admit that Lotta has made me want to give in to the kids’ musings about a dog for two reasons: she’s cute and you called her Lotta (after Lola’s friend with the fluffy white coat?). It’s a great name. If we had a dog we’d have to call him Soren Lorensen.

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